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We help assist student-athletes and their families navigate the complexities of college recruitment and selection

College Pathways Program

The College Pathways Program, designed to assist student-athletes and their families in navigating the complexities of college recruitment and selection. This program aims to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that student-athletes make informed decisions regarding their athletic and academic futures.

As part of the College Pathways Program, the Erie Sports Center will host in-person workshops for families and individual virtual meetings with athletes and families. During these sessions, families will gain insights into the components of athletic recruiting and the process of selecting the right program and school for their student-athlete.

Ensuring student-athletes are ready not just ready to compete athletically, but also academically can be a challenging process. KMAC bridges this gap with customized programs for each student athlete. With over 25 years in college admission/recruiting, Kelly and her staff will help your child stand out to college coaches, identify the right programs, schools, and take care of all of the details, including helping you negotiate your offer. 

It can be overwhelming handling your child’s current academic and athletic demands, we will take the burden off of you and ensure they complete everything needed in a timely manner to achieve the best results. See below for pricing on individual services. When we bundle series into package, pricing is discounted.

Individual Services

  1. Highlight Reel up to 5 minutes: $450

    • Athletic profile with all stats

    • Game film with time stamps you indicate for clips

    • Player highlighted in each clip

    • Clips organized to appeal to college coaches

  2. Advanced Highlight Reel: $1199

    • Includes everything listed above

    • Includes quarterly additions/revisions to the footage for up to 24 months

    • Includes an updated athletic profile as needed

  3. College Selection/Athletic Recruiting: $3500

    • In depth discussion regarding intended major, geographic location, school size, cost, scholarships, and tope of athletic program that would be a good fit-including position and current coach’s assessment

    • A comprehensive list of 20-40 schools with college coaches contact information-email addresses and phone numbers

    • Ongoing emails crafted to highlight your child’s ability to coached and gain their interest. This is a series of emails and an area where most students fall short as they stop when they do not hear back from coaches-we ensure follow through.

    • A designated contact to ensure your child can get advice on responding in a timely manner to college coaches

    • Checklists to get the most out of your college visit

    • Questions to ask the college coach to determine where you are on the recruiting chart, what you can expect, and what they want to see, so we can help you evaluate your chances of not only being recruited, but also of playing 

    • A designated point of contact for your questions and concerns throughout the process

    • Guidance on increasing your scholarship offers through additional academic scholarships

We also offer packages for Career Exploration, Major Selection, Subject Specific Tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep, and College Admissions Suite of Services.


Contact us for pricing or a customized package to fit YOUR needs.


Kelly Maclean

(440) 552-9892

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