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We develop young athletes into leaders through wrestling, providing a safe and supportive environment for growth both on and off the mat.



This program brings together some of the best coaching talent in the area that puts the development of athletes first. The mission is to develop young athletes to be the best they can on and off the mat. When this occurs, young athletes will develop into leaders and excellent athletes for their clubs and school districts. This program provides a neutral training program that will work with all school districts and wrestling clubs in the area.

All of our programs are designed to help develop wrestlers at all levels and support the local wrestling talent and clubs. Our club teams allow wrestlers to wrestle for our club and also their school. We leave this option to each wrestler and parent, and we offer local club coaches support to help develop wrestlers that are having trouble in specific areas.

Visit the T3 Punishers website for more information on the programs offered.

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"If you can't accept criticism, you'll never achieve your potential."

- Tobin Heath

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